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Best known for 2019 debut in the ABC season 17 of American Idol. Shayy was able to capture the public with her Golden Ticket performance of Rise Up by Andra Day.  Shayy, who became legally blind a year prior due to a discovered brain tumor, captured the hearts of many.  Shayy's performance exploded in the music world and prompted over 50 million views (youtube) before the end of televised season. So spectacular that after being eliminated in Hawaii (top 40 finalist) in a shocking decision by the judges, it prompted viewer responses throughout the social media networks. She was then called back to sing in the finale with no other than Andra Day herself.

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Shayy’s Biography


My Musical Journey

I live, I breathe, and I am music. Music is me, and it’s no question that music is within me.”  


Emerging artist, Shayy s Winn has an acute love and compelling passion for music.  “I live, I breathe, and I am music, she says. Music is me, and it’s no question that music is within me..”

Shayy’s artistry was evident as a child often falling asleep to music, and now as a young adult, she is perfecting her sound—a calling to resurrect sentiment in song.

“If there is no feeling in the song, what is the point of singing,” Shayy explains. “I thrive on making audiences feel what I am singing. It’s essential to convey the emotion, feeling the energy of the song by what one can do with one’s instrument.”

Long before American Idol, Shayy was performing and impressing audiences with her eloquent and stirring voice. Initially uncomfortable with the attention, Shayy soon became a draw, often singing during school and numerous community events from singing the National Anthem during a basketball game to playing the lead role in a stage performance or singing in the choir in her native Richmond, VA. She became a local talent, which allowed her to appear twice on areamorning shows and appear in several local magazines and newspapers.

At 12, she recorded her first song, Why Me—to encourage cancer patients and their families who are battling the disease.  A fight she knows all too well—her mom is a stage three cancer survivor.

During the summers of 2015 and 2016, Shayy attended Prodigy Productions Performing Arts Summer Camp in Richmond, VA, where she enhanced her keyboarding and piano skills.  She also cultured dancing, miming, songwriting, spoken word, vocal training, cinematography, and music production. Each year she earned top performer, and in 2017 she was asked back to Prodigy to help teach voice to younger students. During the same year and a sophomore in high school, she played Aunt Em in the XXX production of The Wiz, her first role in musical theater.  The following year, she would play the leading role in her high school production, Aida.  

What many onlookers did not know is that two months before the opening night of Aida, Shayla had brain surgery, which left her visually impaired.  Despite the impairment, she gave rousing performances, receiving multiple standing ovations. For Shayy, each performance motivated her. “This play was my motivator through surgery, and it kept me steady; like the main character I had to be healthy for my friends and family that supported me throughout the years.  I was able to see how courageous I could be and allowed me to portray my emotional journey in my performance.  It touched me that the audience could feel this through my voice without knowing my story.” Her sight impairment did not hault her steps in show choir competitions; where she sang and danced (using props) with 50 kids on the stage.  In 2018, Shayy received top soloist twice, and her chorus finished the season as grand champs.

As an American Idol 2019 contestant, Shayy’s televised audition has captured millions of peoplewith unprecedented million-plus views on various Social Media platforms. She has become nationally known for singing a soulful rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up.” Katy Perry said of Shayy’s singing, “her voice pulls at hearts.”

In June 2019, Shayla graduated with high honors from Thomas Dale Specialty Center for Performing Arts in Chester, VA.  During her four years in high school, she refined her artistically and built her confidence as a vocal student.  She has released two singles "Addicted" and "Crazy" (both co-written Jojo Clark) and she's currently working on new music.   Shayy has started her business Shayy LLC (with her Mom) and she is available for bookings.

Follow her on Facebook: ShayyThe Singer, Instagram: Shayy Winn

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