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Get all the latest Shayy LLC news including events, music announcements, tour dates, and other happenings in the life of a busy and proactive R&B Singer. For exclusive, personal updates from Shayy LLC you can also check out her FB Page ShayyTheSinger and IG Shayy Winn. Stay up to date and never miss a musical moment.

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Women On The Move | Shayy Winn

Editor’s Note

If you’re an American Idol fan you may have followed our Featured Woman On The Move for April. Shayy Winn captured America’s heart from the moment of her audition where she sang Rise Up by Andra Day. 

While losing eyesight is never easy Shayy demonstrates resilience and pushes through during the tough times. Choosing to hone her craft through hard work and courage are the keys to her success. 

As a legally blind artist, Shayy showed the world how she had to ‘rise up’ during the competition. We are so honored to share part of her story with you via video and the transcript which has been edited for clarity. Enjoy! ~Steph

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